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"The best performance of all comes from Edwards, who is simply brilliant. If his portrayal of Miller feels as if it's got a lot of Max Bialystock in it, it should, since he played that role in the traveling company of The Producers (even Nathan Lane would admire the combination of roguishness, quick wit and ultimately deep compassion which Edwards brings to his producer). With a lesser performance it would be easy to dismiss or become irritated by his character, but here the audience rightfully roots for him to succeed."
-- Curtain Up, Gregory A. Wilson

"Only total commitment from the actors can sell such empty-headed stuff...the Peccadillo cast does, led by David Edwards as the producer at the center of the story."
-- Neil Genzlinger, New York Times

"Edwards is perfect in the lead role of the indefatigable producer who always has yet another trick up his sleeve. It is a witty performance delivered with perfect timing."
-- Doug Strassler, www.offoffonline.com

"David Edwards is perfect as producer Miller, with wit, charm, and a canny ability to deliver the punchline."
-- David Fuller, www.nytheatre.com

"Edwards leads the cast with the surest hand, never overplaying the comedy in this intimate space and grounding the play in a certain logic."
--Karl Levett, Backstage

"With such seamless ensemble work, it's a disservice to single out a performer, but I'll do it anyway: David Edwards as the frantic producer..."
-- Jorge Morales, The Village Voice

"The leads are flawless: David Edwards as the conniving Miller and Fred Berman as his henchman in mischief, Binion."
--John Simon, Bloomberg.com

"Edwards is slick and crafty as the fast talking con man of a producer, with a voice and manner suggestive of Spencer Tracy."
-- Michael Dale, www.BroadwayWorld.com

"The casting is impeccable and could not be bettered. Master of ceremonies of this three ring circus is David Edwards as the unflappable producer."
--Victor Gluck, www.theatrescene.net

"Cast is headed by David Edwards, who gives an effective and hardworking turn as erstwhile producer Gordon Miller."
--Steven Suskin, Variety

"10 Memorable Moments of 2006...That insane scene in director Dan Wackerman's uproarious production of Room Service, where David Edwards, Fred Berman and Robert O'Gorman are all putting on as much clothing as possible. Don't ask; just get yourself over to the Soho Playhouse and have a blast."
-- Michael Dale, www.broadwayworld.com

"All the performers are first rate; however special mention must go David Edwards hysterical theatrics as Gordon Miller."
-- Van Loan, www.nyonstage.org

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