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"David Edwards leads the solid cast as Fredrik Egerman....Mr. Edwards is rock-solid perfect for this role and uses every nuance to enhance an already brilliant performance."
-- Steve Allan, KFUO-FM

"A remarkably suave David Edwards heads the cast as Fredrik Egerman, the beleaguered lawyer..."
-- Harry Weber, The Riverfront Times

"...the acting is good, the singing even better...Edwards caught all the nuances in 'You Must Meet My Wife'..."
-- Joe Pollack, St. Louis Post -Dispatch

"...a cast that is nearly perfect. Heading the cast is David Edwards, completely convincing as the foolish and charming Frederik Egerman, desperately trying to recapture his youth..."
-- Chuck Lavazzi, KDHX-FM

"In the crucial role of Desiree's one-time lover Fredrik, ...David Edwards manages to express both the foolhardiness of his misguided search for youth and his real charms of mature sensuality and self-effacing humor. Three other pairs of lovers are quite satisfactorily reconciled along the way; however, to the credit of (Tess) Hogan and Edwards, only Desiree and Fredrick leave us feeling that they are a true love match in both heart and mind."
-- Anita Donovan, Hats Off

"The audience is treated to the pleasure of watching David Edwards strip to turn-of-the-century underwear...The high point of the evening is Hogan and Edwards' performance of 'Send in the Clowns'...it's funny, sad, self-mocking and believable."
-- Cynthia Gordon, The Express-Times

"Edwards is the perfect dapper man-about-town..."
-- John Flautz, The Morning Call

-- Philadelphia Weekly

"David Edwards has a lovely voice and good comic timing..."
-- Mark Nemirow, Reading Eagle/Times

"In addition to being a fine comic actor, David Edwards, as Fredrik, has just the kind of voice and delivery to suit Sondheim's lyrics--every syllable distinct."
-- Erin Hart, TwinCities Sidewalk

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