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--> WINNER: StarLedger Spotight Award Best Musical Actor, 1996

"WHOPPING PERFORMANCE: The musical comedy currently playing at American Stage Company should immediately be retitled. It's not 'Little Me' they're doing in Teaneck--it's 'Big He." And that's where David Edwards comes in. When Neil Simon began adapting Patrick Dennis' best seller about Belle's non-brilliant career, he decided that the seven men in her life should be played by one actor. Edwards now has those roles, and is more than making the most of them. As Noble, Edwards can deliver Simon's upper crust lines while maintaining a still upper lip. As the aged miser Mr. Pinchley, he's humourously cantankerous until Belle convinces him that he's a darned nice fella deep down inside. Edwards sings his five Cy Coleman-Carolyn Leigh songs very well, and before all is said and done, the kid shows he can even do a splendid somersault. Accents? You want accents? Edwards has got 'em. Purposely ersatz French ('Sank you, sank you!') when potraying the Chevalier-esque entertainer Val Du Val. A charming Southern one when playing Private Fred Poitrine, which helps the character show he's hospitably sincere. He's got a Second Avenue sound befitting of the best bit player in Yiddish theater when he's doing a delivery boy who was once a great European movie director. And, when Edwards is supposed to be the impoverished Prince of Rosensweig, he does a Lugosi accent that's multo Bela....it won't be a good thing for you if you don't get to American Stage to see David Edwards. Theatregoers love to brag about that time they saw newcomer Barbra Streisand in 'I Can Get It For You Wholesale' or rookie Kevin Kline in 'On The Twentieth Century.' In years to come, people will be raising their eyebrows in envy when you tell them you saw David Edwards in 'Big He' -er, 'Little Me' at American Stage."
--Peter Filichia, The Star Ledger

"Belle's conquests are nimbly put over by David Edwards, a likable song-and-dance man, comic, dialectician, and vaudevillian....Mr. Edwards even establishes a through line among seven characters that only a good actor could negotiate."
--Alvin Klein, The New York Times

"ASC's revival...has a major find in David Edwards, playing the seven roles originally played on Broadway by Sid Caesar. This Robin Williams look-alike has the comic timing, singing voice, and linguistic versatility to pull off the impossible with apparent ease."

"David Edwards...is very, very good, a versatile actor who brings off all his characterizations with style. He's especially funny as Noble Eggleston..."
--Robert Feldberg, The Record

"...the one ingredient in this collaborative stew that gives it spice and sparkle is the performance of David Edwards. Mr. Edwards, playing seven characters, manages, even in one scene with less than a minute between several changes, to get into each of the characters with assurance and ease. His characterizations are so full that when he is not on stage, the audience is eager for his next incarnation. This is a not-to-be-missed tour de force by Mr. Edwards."
--Janet Costa, Equinox

"Ameican Stage...found an actor who bring his own sparkle to the Sid Caesar role. David Edwards...tackles the many different roles with gusto...with precise comic timing and abundant energy....the show depends on the male lead, and Edwards more than does the job. He's fast and funny, ...he adopts Robin William's quickness to zip zanily around the stage, from character to character..."
--Miriam Rinn, NJ Jewish Press

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