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as Cervantes/Don Quixote:

"In this pivotal role--which is really three roles in one--is David Edwards, who delivers one of the most mesmerizing performances this reviewer has ever seen--on any level, in any medium. No qualifiers necessary. Simply one of the best--ever. His Cervantes/Quixote completely entrances the audience, making paying patrons willing participants, even if his cellmates at first are not. His magical transformation--before our eyes--from storyteller to character in the tale is just the beginning of what lies in store. With a precision and stamina to be envied, Edwards wrings every bit of hope and innocence from this battered would-be knight. His hopes become ours, his values our own, and his dream not so impossible. And speaking of that dream, wait until that magical moment when Quixote explains to his Lady why he does what he does. For this reviewer, the song may well have been written yesterday, and his acting of it--combined with an absolutely gorgeous singing voice--made me want to renounce journalism and join him on his Quest."
--Bill Van Sant, Theater View

"...wonderful work...[David] does 'Dulcinea,' the show's most beautiful song, with the right reverence..."
--Peter Filichia, The Star-Ledger

"'As for the leading role, it couldn't be in better hands. Cervantes/Don Quixote is being played by David Edwards...playing the role for the eighth time. Edwards--whose twinkly-eyed expressions call to mind Robin Williams in 'The Fisher King'--is blessed with a beautiful voice that carries most of the best-loved songs in the show"
--Tammy Paolino, Home News Tribune

"David Edwards played the dual role with sincerity and style. He transformed from a suspiciously young, robust Cervantes in prison to a lost, deluded Don Quixote before our very eyes...his transformation was convincing to the extent that one truly feared for his brittle bones. Edwards proved that the role can be played by a young actor. He effectively portrayed the woeful knight's naive yet well-meaning pleas for virtue in a world of deceit."
--Ben Jacklet, The Altamont Enterprise

"David Edwards imbues his Cervantes/Quixote with a dignity that becomes the cornerstone of the evening. And when he enacts the Don's moving description of his mission ('The Impossible Dream'), Edwards forgoes a traditional Broadway belt, opting to explore the song's meaning in a style that befits the character. The approach works especially well in that it makes the oft-heard words seem fresh and, surprisingly, cliche-free."
--John Griffin, The Daily Mail

"David Edwards is the Man of La Mancha, believer in the purest of possibilities. He encircles goodness and hope, walking with them as if they were a spotlight, shining on all those good things we so often do not see. Edwards is a totally credible Quixote..."
--Bunny Crumpacker, The Journal-News

"David Edwards [is] a striking presence..." .....B.A. Nilsson, Metroland

"...these actors can sing. David Edwards, as Don Quixote, does an especially good job with "Dulcinea' and 'The Golden Helmet of Mambrino' as well as 'The Impossible Dream.'"
--M. Hoagland, Rockland Review

"...outstanding...Edwards consistently emotes a convincing glazed look of a posessed madman. His watery, seaching eyes do look beyond the unreachable star..."
--Wendy Liberatore, The Saratogian

"David Edwards...has proven himself a fine, accomplished performer...He sings 'The Impossible Dream' with distinction..."
--Doug deLisle, The Record

--Jackie Demaline, The Times Union

"Edwards is such a young guy...believable enough as the appealing old gent to win over both the dungeon-dwellers and the audience. What's nice is that he ages slowly, with craft..."
--Barbara Melville, The Chronicle

as The Duke/Dr. Carrasco:

"David Edwards turns in a subtle rendering of the often overplayed Duke/Dr. Carrasco--his vocal shading and judicious use of stage mannerisms (watch his hands!) create an unusually fine reading of this dual role."
--Terry Joshi, TravelHost

"David Edwards as the Doctor brings a fine voice and a dignity of style to a role that could be a cliche."
--Ted M. Kraus, Rochester City Newspaper

"...and there is a particularly outstanding actor in a role that sometimes flits past you in this show: David Edwards putting a florid Shakespearean spin on Dr. Carrasco."
--Lawrence DeVine, Detroit Free Press

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