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"[Edwards] brings a sure, deft hand for timing, choregraphy and nuance that paces the madcap show that sprawls and ripples like a too tight dress on a buxom blonde -- it's overflowing cleavage, the works -- too much to take in all at once, yet comprehensive, dramatic, and spectacularly schmaltzy and schnappsy to this box office sure-thing."
--John F Bailey, White Plains CitizeNet Reporter

"David Edwards is the busy director and he's supplemented the original stage business with a few sly, vulgar touches of his own. He's steered the equally busy cast which doubles and redoubles in parts with speed and amazing clarity."
--Chesley Plemmons, The News-Times

"Its revival at the Westchester Broadway Theater is handsome, polished and delightful to see on the wide-open apron stage, with exciting direction by David Edwards."
-- James F. Cotter, Times-Herald Record

"...compares favorably to the original over and over, in David Edwards’ staging, in performances, in production values. If you saw Mel Brooks’ crazy, vulgar, blatantly riotous comedy on Broadway, you’d find every bit of it here, the shtick, the slapstick, the corny jokes, the outrageously salacious humor, the unexpectedly catchy tunes, just as broadly funny, just as happily tasteless, as bawdy, as successful as in the original Broadway run."
-- Eugene Paul, www.theatrescene.net

"Fans of Mel Brooks’ 'The Producers,' from the original 1968 Gene Wilder/Zero Mostel film to the 2001 Tony Award winning Broadway play with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, will love the Westchester Broadway Theater’s production....WBT in Elmsford has produced Broadway-caliber dinner theater."
--Suzanne Rothberg, North County News

"[Edwards] pulls out all the stops at Westchester, and assembled a cast that understands true comedy and is giving audiences an evening of non-stop laughter."
-- Fran Sikorski, www.acorn-online.com

"[Edwards] mines the script for all its nuances—and all its humor."
-- Gary Chattman, www.thecheappop.com

"Overall, Surflight's production is a well-packaged , entertaining musical that's sure to draw a laugh out of even the grumpiest of attendees, so bring the crotchety relatives and show them a good time."
--Alex Rudinski, The Asbury Park Press

"Everything about the show... I guess you have to give director David Edwards some credit for that....the acting, singing and dancing are all crisp as can be...." -- Rick Mellerup, The Beachcomber

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